The 92 Store E-Commerce Platform

Freelancer Project
The 92 Store e-commerce B2B e-commerce platform where whole sellers (upload their products description , images , manages orders , stocks and customers) and sale their product and another business consumer buy bulk of products from that seller and from consumer panel he can (buy product , explore products , view reviews , add payment through debit card , get invoice via sms and email(graphical invoice attached with email) and track their order) , admin can view and analyze the sale and purchase through graphs and charts and add and block sellers and can review the consumer complains and manages supply chain.
account verification via email and sms.
we use django(python web development framework) which uses ORM(Object Relational Mapping), django template language , MVT(Model View Template) using mySQL as a back end database.
for front bootstrap 3 , JavaScript (j Query,ajax) , html and css.